Academy for Character and Excellence's Vision

Our vision is for a MAT that results in personal growth for all – this includes all stakeholders. We believe that this personal growth should have wellbeing at its heart.  When we use the term wellbeing, we are referring to the potential for all to “flourish, achieving a sense of purpose, leading a full life and thriving.”

Part of this journey of fulfilment is achieving excellent academic results, pupils being supported, challenged and stretched.  There is a sense of accomplishment for every pupil, of every ability. However, it also means cultivating the individual through character development with access to an exciting and innovative curriculum, giving children myriad opportunities through sport, science, music, the arts and beyond.

This curriculum may look different in each of the schools in the Trust. The reason:  we are passionate about schools retaining their own identity through context - a contextual curriculum - and through their own values, including those of a secular school or a church school.

Our shared outcomes must be rooted in excellence but the journey may take a very different route within each school.  Each school should be committed to a strong ethos and culture, and it is these individual cultures that will come together to form a Trust ethos.  We envisage these different elements fusing together resulting in excellent primary practice and outcomes.

A strong focus on successful business will be integral to the success of the MAT, as this will enable the schools to develop the best possible outcomes for children. Successful shared services, which not only result in cost savings, but allow for income generation, should free head-teachers to focus on education.

In the first instance, we will aim to work with like-minded leaders of good and outstanding schools each with unique strengths, which will add to the overall success of the MAT.  Examples of such strengths may be the contribution of leadership, teaching expertise, curriculum experience and business experience.

The sharing of expertise across the Trust will enable each partner school to become stronger, whilst at the same time ensuring their best practitioners are focused in the classroom.

After we have developed capacity, we will be able to plan a growth strategy that may include sponsoring struggling schools and ultimately building a free school. 

We believe that early education is key to future success and so we will include pre-school settings in the Trust to provide a positive impact upon and to strengthen community relationships at the earliest reasonable opportunity.

Through achieving excellence, cultivating character and empowering people, our academy trust will provide wonderful opportunities for all.