Deep Learning

Deep learning is different in nature and scope as it looks at changing the outcomes of 6 global competencies: Character – learning to learn, Citizenship – thinking like global citizens, Collaboration – working independently and synergistically in teams, Communication – communicating effectively with a variety of styles, modes and tools, Creativity – Having an ‘entrepreneurial eye and Critical Thinking – evaluating information and arguments.


It changes learning by focusing on personally and collectively meaningful matters, and by delving into them in a way that alters forever the roles of students, teachers, families and our communities.


As a trust we are pursuing innovation to ensure we not only use the best research to inform our practice, but we are also knowledge creators through our desire to use the latest research in neuroscience to trial and innovate. We cannot expect our children to be great learners if we are not also passionate about learning. We are pursuing this innovation through our work on deep learning and curriculum design.