Our Values

Each of our schools in the Trust have their own set of values which sit under the Trust’s mission of ‘Excellence through Cultivating Character, Sharing Talents and Pursuing Innovation.’


We want our Trust to engender a passion for uncompromising excellence. As educators, we will inspire those around us with our passion and desire to be the best version of ourselves. However, we recognise that excellence cannot be achieved without equity – personal or social circumstances should not be an obstacle to achieving an education.

We want to develop creativity across our trust. We will be problem solvers, innovators and knowledge creators.

We want our pupils to believe they can make a positive difference through tenacity and courage and collaboration. Our children will become courageous advocates for change in local, national and global communities.

We want to foster responsibility for ourselves, others and our community. We recognise that we are stronger together.

We want our children to develop integrity and compassion. We will value the ultimate of worth of each person supporting our children to know their place in the world.