Research & Development

Our vision is for a MAT that results in personal growth for all. Learning is at the heart of what we do in the Academy for Character and Excellence.  We see ourselves as life-long learners, who make a personal commitment to improvement through professional development and through pursuing innovation.  We encourage our colleagues to take responsibility for their own learning and provide a range of routes which aim to develop skills, nurture talents and strengthen the expertise of our people.


Champion Teachers (Pursuing Innovation)

We have identified our most effective and expert teachers to drive the Trust’s mission Excellence through cultivating character, sharing talents and pursuing innovation. 
Our Champion Teachers are the research
and development arm of our trust.  They are the innovators, knowledge creators and reflective thinkers, challenged to establish and distribute the most effective approaches in pedagogy, development of metacognition and character education.   They are supported and challenged by an external consultant to develop the trust’s unique identify around Character Education as part of an innovative curriculum.