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Rooted in the Community


As a values led Multi- Academy Trust with a mixture of Church of England and Community Schools, we recognise the importance of sharing values, whilst at the same time appreciating distinctiveness and diversity. Our schools are not the same, instead they are defined by the communities they serve, and our recognition of this helps us provide support and challenge commensurate with need, so enabling all to flourish.

Our vision for all ACE schools is based around a pursuit of excellence in all that we do. Through working together and forming collaborative partnerships, we are able to ensure that we remain forward looking and forward thinking, resulting in innovative outcomes that make a real difference within and beyond the communities we serve.

Whilst we are a fully inclusive Trust, we are proud that our values align closely with the Church of England’s Vision Statement for Education and as a result many of our schools enjoy a Christian distinctiveness. All of our Church schools are graded as “Good,” or better in SIAMS inspections, with half of them being graded as “Outstanding.” We have excellent relationship with the both the Diocese and the local clergy and form close links with the churches and wider communities they serve.

Each of our schools protects their Community cohesiveness by retaining their own Local Committees. These committees are responsible for ensuring the quality of provision in their schools is never compromised. Local committees are responsible for overseeing and reporting to the main board on, Curriculum, Ethos and Distinctiveness, Safeguarding and Community Partnerships.

We are a caring Trust that is passionate about learning at every level. From our unique bespoke Talent Management program that benefits all staff, to our flexible yet rigorous curriculum that ensures all pupils make exceptional progress, and our outreach programs designed to benefit parents and the wider community. Everything we do is driven by our commitment to uncompromising excellence.

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