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Research and Development

Research and development is core to ensuring that the Trust is forward looking and thinking, and remains focused on innovation for improvement.

The ACE ambitious curriculum starts to be embedded in the Early Years through the provision of exciting learning experiences in inspirational environments. The introduction of core values helps us nurture children and build constructive links with parents and carers. Our aim is to start to develop a life-long love of learning and an insatiable curiosity

We actively promote well-being for all and our P.E Curriculum has been developed to instil an understanding of the importance of physical health. Underpinned by our core values, we aim to build physical intelligence and abilities so that each individual can participate in sport and exercise with confidence.

Our concepts enable pupils to make links between curriculum experiences. By continually building on subject conceptual understanding are pupils are better able to recall previous knowledge and at the same time develop a stronger subject skill set. Each concept has a clear pathway that builds progressively across key stages and throughout the school.

Education learning
Planting Education
Food Education
Building Learning
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