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Geoff Hobbs


Geoff has spent the majority of his career with Procter and Gamble. Geoff joined in a selling role and progressed through various levels of management, and disciplines, including marketing and general management, taking on increasingly large business and responsibilities.


Geoff worked in seven different businesses within the company which gave him a broad range of management experiences. Geoff managed a variety of organisations from ‘small and nimble’ to large and complex. Geoff has lived and worked in different areas of the UK as well as a 3 year assignment in the Benelux and 3 years in Dublin. Geoff had 3 pan-European management roles, focussed on longer-term strategic planning.  


Geoff’s main skill areas are; day-to day business management, strategic planning, financial forecasting, organisation development, recruitment, licensing and acquisitions and budgetary management.

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