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Brixham C of E Primary School and Brixham Pre-School join the Academy for Character and Excellence

The Trust are delighted to welcome both Brixham Primary and Brixham Pre-School to The Academy for Character and Excellence following conversion on the 1st September 2020.

Both the CEO, Cheryl Weyman, and Trustee, Roger Willoughby grew up in Brixham and are delighted to welcome the Primary School and Pre-School as part of the Trust.

Roger Willoughby commented, “It is really important that schools within our civic organisation become the hub of the community, as they play a vital part in the community they serve. We want all our pupils to engage positively within the community they are growing up in and to be an ambassador for their school.”

The Trust was formed in 2016 with Shaldon Primary School and Redhills Primary School. Collaton St Mary C of E Primary School and Galmpton C of E Primary School joined in 2017 with Totnes St.John’s joining in 2018.

Cheryl Weyman commented, “We have an exciting new curriculum based on character education which aims to provide learning experiences that will make a real and lasting difference to children’s lives. We are excited to welcome Brixham into our team of schools.”

Headteacher, Cristy Nelson and Pre-School Manager, Kirsty Grosvenor have been working with their colleagues across the Trust and are looking forward to further developing the curriculum within the school. Cristy commented, “As teachers there is nothing more rewarding than seeing children thrive and flourish within your classroom and working with the Trust has enabled us to develop ourselves and our children further. This is certainly an exciting new chapter for Brixham Primary School and Pre-School”

Co-Chairs of governors Paul Pickett and Cath Hayden commented, “We are both overjoyed that the School and Pre-School have converted. It’s been hard work but the end result is worth it. We are looking forward to working with the Trust and to see the School and Pre-School go from strength to strength”.


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